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  • If you suspect someone of cheating, please post here and we will investigate.
    We know that feeling cheated can be very upsetting, So please follow these simple rules
    to make things go as smoothly as possible for both us and yourself.

    1. Be Respectful in your comments towards the Staff. We are here to help.
    2. No Yelling, Shouting, or typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It upsets us and makes us less motivated to engage you.
    3. Please list the name(s) of the player you suspect are cheating.
    4. Please list the game number if applicable.
    5. Please mention anything else that might be relevant, like specific chats or messages.

    And please remember that we do not come to a conclusion based on the player's strategy during a game. We can not ban someone for cheating because they "did not attack North America in the third round". We have a systematic way of investigating players. It is cumbersome and sometimes takes several days. This is not usually a quick process, and it may not always have a definitive result in the end. But please be patient. If someone is in fact cheating, then the evidence will show up sooner rather than later. And please note that most investigations are private, and that you may not be aprised of the results. Thank you.

    This is not the correct forum to discuss accouint related problems.
    If you have an account, or other non-cheating issue, then please post in Private Support
    Thank you.

The Usual Suspects

If you think a player is cheating or is using multiple accounts, post it here.
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