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Well here we are...


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Oct 4, 2013
Hey all, Wort here. Most of you won't know me, but I used the site quite a lot back when I had time. I have dabbled a few times since and this is the first time I have been back since we have been on the new site (after the flash transfer)
It is a shame how far it has fallen. I feel the community is still there, and a lot of people care about this site, but the site is running on fumes. Hopefully the crowd fund does what is needed.
For me, what needs to happen to keep people interested is:
Points & UDI's need to start being accrued again. This will keep people interested and gives them a reason to continue playing, and at some point you can reinstate the membership so you can have more than 4 games going. The great news is MajCom has a bunch of great maps sitting in the wings, but I think for now you need to get 5 of them going that integrate into the points and maybe the UDI's. Start there and move forward. Trying to get everything going is impossible and will kill this site. Get back going with a small setup and move onwards from there.
Kia Kaha Sherriff