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The Twelve Domains Dedicated Map Q&A Thread (Unofficial)


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M.C. Play Testers
Apr 19, 2012
This is the Unofficial Dedicated Map Q&A Thread. If you have a question about how a map works, this is the thread for you. I will attempt to keep track of questions and their answers in the first post. but I don't check every day so it could take a while.

List of Questions:

1. What happens if there are 24 players on the 12 Domains map?
Asked by: dudeiamgood
Answer: Nobody gets a region and the map glitches out, so the only way for the game to end is for everyone to go awol.
Answered by: Tapeworm

Let's get some questions out here people!
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Mar 5, 2012
I can answer. What happens is that the initial troop drop never happens. The game 'starts' but nobody owns any regions to deploy upon. Your turn gets stuck on deploy phase and you have to let your sixty minutes run out. The only way for the unplayable game to end is for every player to intentionally AWOL.

*edited to add: a tournament was made and that happened