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UPDATE : Feb 24 2021


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Jun 20, 2014
UPDATE : FEB 24 2021

So here is an update to what has happened, and what is going to happen next.


We have resolved TWO major issues.
  1. First was the major issue we experienced a couple weeks ago when the games became unplayable. This was apparently due to the lager volume of games being played. Marcos identified and corrected the issue, so it should not happen again. However, a better solution might be needed with future versions of the engine. But for now, everything should work without problem.
  2. The second issue was super annoying. It involved the game page needing to be "refreshed" or "reloaded" every minute or so. This was due to the connection to the server being timed-out after 60 seconds of inactivity. The solution was simple, but it took a while to determine which component was causing the timeout. After staring at logs for a very long time, the culprit revealed itself, and Marcos was able to configure a "stay-alive" order. Now the game should always have a live connection to the server and there is no need to refresh the page anymore.
So with those two issues behind us, we will be moving on to the next stage. Unless another major issue reveals itself that makes the game unplayable, we won't be working on upgrades just yet.


The next stage is to recruit some more help. We will actively be recruiting people who can help us with:
  • PHP
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Frontend development (Angular/React)
  • Application packaging and deployment using docker
  • And Linux system administration
If anyone here has any of these skills, and you would like to help, then please put your name down HELP HERE.

Once we establish a solid groundwork of development and deployment, then we will start ticking off more of the "to-do" boxes.

Oh yeah, and the scores being integrated with the BETA games is almost complete. However, I think Marcos needs to find some help with the above issues before integrating the score. So there may still be a wait until we get all our ducks in order.

We hope that this time we will be taking for recruitment, will pay off in the long run by accelerating development. Meaning that once we get the help we need, things will be getting better faster!

That's pretty much all the update I have for you now.

Thanks and have fun!


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Jan 17, 2016
Thanks for keeping us updated Sheriff!

I m sorry that I wont be able to help with those things. I m already happy that I can open Microsoft Word :D .



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Dec 12, 2015
Thanks for the update, it will be interesting to watch the new site and game engine unfold. Hopefully people with the skills and time you need will present themselves in due course.


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Mar 21, 2016
In the next step you're looking for some coders to help - There's no mention about any compensation so I would assume you're looking for people to code for free?