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Site development?


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Sep 30, 2019
Is there any progress to report on the site re-development?

It seems like we're down to a very small number of active players now. If things drag on much more we're going to get to a point soon where you can't get a game together - and at that point I would have thought there's a good chance the site will just die.

Seems to me it's better to do something (even if it's not perfect) rather than fiddle about wondering what to do.

  • Kickstarter/GoFundMe. There was talk about getting an appeal up-and-running. I offered to help and did a little bit of work on it - but then it all went quiet. Can't that be pushed forward?
  • Advertising. I know some people don't like obtrusive ads. But if money is needed for the site development - well I'm sitting looking at a screen here which has two big empty brown columns down either side. Can't you sell that space. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather use a site that worked with some ads down the sides, than one that doesn't. For what it's worth, if I could afford it my business would buy an ad space.
  • Simplify the site. I know nothing about coding and what-not, but as I understand it the key problem is that there is a huge volume of work needed to get all the old functionality up-and-running again. If that's the case can't the site be simplified? You could probably lose half the maps and most of us wouldn't mind. Get the most-used maps running properly again, a working scoreboard, and maybe some tournaments - and you're back in business. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


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Jan 1, 2019
Yes it is typically slow here at MajCom during the summer months. Apparently for kickstarter campaigns too! We decided to launch around the first Tuesday in September. Hopefully that will drum up some new members and donations as well. More to come.

As for your suggestions thanks! For the advertising I don't have those large brown spaces down the sides (since I play off my phone) putting the ads there would throw off the players on tablets and phones....that padding is required. I simply wouldn't play and we would like all players to play ideally on any device. (Nice idea tho). We do have advertising for those who are grunts and since you are not a grunt, you don't get to see those ads.


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M.C. Play Testers
Jan 5, 2018
Not a grunt here too as I am seeing brown columns on my PC (End date of sponsoring might not work anymore as well?).
But I seriously am wondering if I should keep this site on my list of favourites, opening it on every restart of my browser.

I noticed last weekend that I had joined some games but when there was no start after some days I removed myself from those games.
It just isn't the same fun as it was before the end of flash :(

And apparently changing from flash to other platforms is too complex for the developers from this site, so will it be enough to have some crowd fundaction anyhow? What will be gained?
I'm easily to be convinced but are doubting at this moment

Greetz Roel