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Official How to make a map



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Jun 20, 2014
There has been some interest in making some new maps, so I will outline the basic procedure.

NOTE: Only high quality, graphically appealing maps will be accepted.

We have a fairly high standard when it comes to maps, and I would like to think that we have the nicest looking maps of any site. So a great idea for a map will only work if it is also visually appealing and is of high standard.

Each map has 2 parts:
  • FRONTEND (the picture you see on the screen)
  • BACKEND (the special rules like bombing, commands, bonuses, etc)
Let's just talk about the backend for now, and I'll update you with the frontend later.


The backend rules are all pre-coded into the game engine. All the rules already exist for all maps and are available for any map to use at any time, whether it is an existing map, or a future map that has yet to be created. Since the rules already exist, there is no need to program new rules unless you want something that we don't already have. (like a zombie army, or something like that)

Those rules include:
  • Bombardments
  • Auto-Reset
  • Starting Neutrals
  • One-way Assaults
  • Auto-Deploy
  • Command Bonuses
  • Auto-Decay
  • and a few more....
Admin Tab (now defunct, but the process is the same)

The website has had an Admin Tab for Administrators to control the website and maps. However, since flash died a couple years ago, a lot of the function in the Admin tab died too. For now, it has to be done manually, but it essentially the same procedure.

Previously, Map makers could go to the Admin Tab, upload a picture of the map, and set all the rules. It vaguely goes like this (in this case we will look at MARS):

1 - Upload a picture of the Map

1 settings.png

2 - Upload All regions individually, and define their X Y coordinates on the map (this is the toughest part)

2 regions.png

3 - Choose the connections for each region

3 adjacents.png

4 - Create Commands and define their bonuses

4 commands.png

5 - Choose any other special rules you want to use

5 rules.png

6 - Define all the settings for those special rules

6 rule settings.png

And then hit SAVE! 🙂

The game engine will take care of the rest. No need to program anything, it's all there. The only thing that is needed, is a picture of the map and your imagination.

NOTE: 2023 - Changes since flash died:

Unfortunately, the Map interface does not work anymore. However, the process is the same.

Now a Map Maker would do essentially the same thing, but slightly different.

After a Map Maker creates a map, they send me all the image files (jpegs), and then write down all the coordinates, bonuses, connections, and all the data on a spreadsheet or a text document.

Instead of uploading the images and data directly to Admin interface like above, a map maker would sends the files to me, I sent it to Marcos, and Marcos uploads the data to the server's database directly, (bypassing the above interface).

The creation process is the same, we just don't have a convenient interface to use anymore.


So as you can see, the backend is just a matter of writing down all the x,y coordinates, bonuses, and other data you want. No coding involved.

Next time I will talk about the Frontend and how to make the map. That is essentially the hardest and longest part, so photshop and artistic skill helps!